September 8, 2015


Today we were laying in bed and I was blowing raspberries on Hattie and Fred's tummy. They wanted to on mine too and again asked about my stretch marks. "What are those?" so innocently, honestly. I answered that they are my stretch marks and I love them because they came when I grew Freddie and Hattie in my tummy! We laughed and talked about it more. I told them they started off teeeeny tiny and then grew, and grew and GREW AND GREW AND GREW!!!! "And we POPPED OUT of your tummy!!!" Added Frederick. Hehe!
Yes, I said!!!! So I love them and I love my squish belly and my hips and changed body because they brought me you. 


  1. Yes! I love my c-section scar and soft tummy and stretch marks because they are proof that I made Lucy and got her just far along enough that she could survive. I didn't get to enjoy my pregnancy, especially because it was so quick, so I really love the physical reminders that I did it! :)