September 18, 2015

Art class

There's this amazing kids art program at the Salt Lake library. It's a free class every week where the kids learn about art and art history and then do w project based on the work of an influential artist. This teacher is amazing. I mean they are for real learning about Impressionism and expressionism. 
Freddie has never been one inteested in sitting down and coloring. But he loves the social learning environment and structure. 
And Hattie, my little artist can't get enough of crayons, pens, markers, paint..anything she can get her hands on. "I want color the pen!!!!!!" All the time. Every day. So this class is great for them both in different ways. It is so wonderful to see them thrive and just watch them, concentrating and learning. What a therapeutic release!!!

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  1. this is so cool and your kids could not be cuter.