April 19, 2010

Cupcakes by Me.

I love to bake. I REALLY love to bake. I feel like I'm pretty good at baking most basic things, but cupcakes are my baking nemesis. When I married Collin, we got tons of cute cupcake tins and a cupcake recipe book etc. Every time we baked cupcakes, whether from scratch or by box, they always were ruined!!! It's harder to bake in the high altitude of Provo + our oven was from the 70s, and a girl can only take so much so much heartbreak. I swore cupcakes off, FOREVER.
On Friday, I remembered cupcakes, that we now live at a normal altitude, and we have an excellent gas stove. I thought I'd give cupcakes another try in my life.

I whipped up a yellow cake recipe. The batter was SO GOOD! Kind of pretty, too.

The cupcakes were poured.

They still burned around the edges, but they were pretty good. I need to keep playing around with them to perfect. I used some of Collin's pink lemonade frosting. Yum.

I went to heat it up in the microwave, and cooked it a little too long...oops.

That night I met Collin in the pink snow. This week has been such a busy one, and it was wonderful Love to see his face.

So pretty. So handsome. I'm so in love with Collin, it's crazy.

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  1. I LOVE cupcakes. I use a nifty tool for the frosting {http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/mechanical-pastry-bag/?cm_src=hero} to make it look really pretty. I actually don't like baking, but sometimes I get the urge. Your cupcakes look yummy!