April 14, 2010


Here are some highlights from when the Smiths were visiting from Florida a couple of weeks ago. (Has it already been that long?)

We stopped at the Geology conservation center. There was super strict security and billions and billions of MAPS!

Meeting up with cousin, Lane, in Reston, VA (blocks from where Collin works so he got to join us for lunch!)

Mom and her boyfriend at the NRA. That place is a little scary.

Lots of presents including these cute mugs! It's getting warmer, so we use them for pink lemonade, these days.

An afternoon in our Nation's Capitol. I'll never get sick of living here!

Son of Dad

Kendra and I made friends while trying to take pictures with Julia.

Easter Brunch!! Yummy yum yum!

They left and then there were two.

Ps. We are slowly getting lots of furniture to fill up our house(and sit on, phew!) We have house guests this weekend, so we'll get everything in order and take a virtual tour video.

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