April 27, 2010

just me right now. Me and My Maudlin Career.

I am so sleepy.
Healthy muffins are much more gross then unhealthy muffins.
It's so windy and lovely outside.
I really liked Coco Before Chanel. Audry Tautou is incredible.
I went shopping with my friend and her 2 little boys today, and now I'm even MORE terrified of having children someday.
I miss my husband.
I miss Joseph.
Elder Money is doing awesome in Los Angeles, Dominican Republic.
I pray for friends and family going through hard times right now.
Sometimes I sit and listen and watch and feel all at once.
Out here in Rockville, MD, it never feels like what it looks like.
I love pineapple. Fresh pineapple.

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  1. i'm afraid of having kids too. little monsters....but i do want alot, when it happens. haha.