April 7, 2010

So, Collin's mom, dad and sister came to visit us this past week! It was jammed-packed fun all week. Of course, we all like to eat, and here are a few things we cooked together.

Snicker Doodles and Hummus. Perfect combo:

My favorite thing in the whole world......cookies.

I made this. It was good. Brightened broccoli (boil 1 min), tomato, red onion, almonds, a garlic-balsamic-basil dressing, and gouda cheese!!

Okay, we didn't make the next two. Just ate. And not me for the first one.

Now THIS was good! Squash Dumplings and Orange Chicken!

PIZZA NIGHT! Collin made the crust from scratch!

Homemade Vanilla Waffles, YUM.


  1. I just drooled over this post!!! Cookies, squash dumplings, pizza!! Yumm! I am obsessed with the cherry blossoms too! It is my dream to go to D.C. during the spring and see them! You're so lucky! :)

  2. you're not going to believe me, but i had hummus and snickerdoodles tonight for dinner!!!!!! wowwwee. great minds think alike my love! ;) Your salad and pizza look delicious!! amazing!