October 20, 2011

big ol 1 month old baby guy

yesterday we went to the pediatrician for Freddie's 1 month check up! 1 month! what a big boy! Well at birth he was 7lbs 9oz, 21.5inches long and now he is 9 lbs 15 oz, 22 1/4 inches!! (good thing too because we're outta Newborn diapers...time to start on the 1s!!!)

Well, he's alert, healthy, happy, sweet, darling, cute, amazing, handsome, wonderful, FUNNY, silly, and every other good thing.

Me? well, apparently I over did it. my bleeding and level of soreness indicate that I've agitated the site of the placenta and my midwife told me I'm basically back to week 1. :( we were doing so well at my diet and resting and I was getting better so I really did jump the gun and did too much too soon. sad. not to mention the hemorrhoid and what i have to do to get rid of that. TMI? nah...I had a baby. nothing's too much for me.

So now it's going to be hard to keep myself down...but I can do stuff as long as I adequately rest as well. we've also had zilch food lately due to being outta town. but we went shopping last night and stocked up on fruits, vegetables, and coconut water.

breastfeeding is going great. I'm really starting to enjoy it. I did buy a simple pump and will start that up in a bit so that Collin and I can take advantage of my parents/free babysitting.......BUT WAIT! that would mean I'd have to leave Fred. and I just can't do THAT.

not too much sleep going on these days, but i AM happy! ha!


 i love fresh and easy.

 his fav sleeping position/place: right on the breast.


PS. SHINE PROJECT EVENT TONIGHT! Frederick, Collin and I will be there.


  1. I love that you are like yep hemorrhoid I said it on the internet. love the pictures and I love how he's sleeping in the shopping cart! Take it easy though, your job is to nurse and rest, that's it!

  2. Gasp!!! Freddi already looks sooo different! Already one month and growing up too fast.

  3. ohmy. i totally did this with rhett (the overdoing it thing). dang that baby is cute.