October 27, 2011


my bells palsy started improving after I gave birth to Freddie, and now it's almost completely better; hallelujah! now I have a new nemesis: a clogged nipple pore. arg. everything I've read on it (and everyone who knows about it) says the best thing is to apply heat before nursing and then nurse a ton--that his sucking will suck out the clog (dried milk by now) in the pore. it BURNS when nursing that nipple (when I honestly never had pain nursing the beginning...it was just emotionally hard for me). It feels like he latches on and then twists the nipple super hard, yikes. but it's bearable knowing it's the best way to help it.

I have to be careful that it doesn't turn into infection, so Saturday we have a breastfeeding class at blossom: 201 (pumping, solids and more!) and ill have Nichelle do something about this clog if I need to. I also have my check up on Monday...I'm excited to see how I'm healing and hopefully be cleared for swimming, baths, exercise, and SEX. cant wait.

I'm excited about the breastfeeding 201 class. i'm going to start pumping after it :) and collin is coming too, yay. alright, gotta go. typing this one-handed with sleeping baby over my shoulder. need water! food! bed! OH! and we made amazing asparagus fettuccine Alfredo last night. i need to post the recipe. and  i need to make autumn cookies.


  1. so happy about the palsy. so sad about the clog. blah. here's to everything clearing up quickly!

  2. can i just second what erin said? we think so much alike and wish the same good things for you. hugs!