October 9, 2011

thurs-sat, and it's getting better

So I've been getting good at breast feeding under an
udder cover thing and even better at doing it with others 
around so that I don't have to retreat to the bedroom every
time Freddie's hungry...which is a TON lately because he's
going through a growth spurt. 

AND I even got up the guts to do it in public. 
In a restaurant! So we can really go out and 
be ttttoooooootttttally hip still. (and a little hippie?)

hi dottie girl!

Windsor with Katie and Bryson

Cute duck boy


cutest chin I've ever seen

out to LUX

my little best buddy

and postinos

The next day at the temple....

don't bother me, mama


later that night at Joseph's football game...(which he won, by the way. the season is over and they are undefeated and ranked number 1 in the state of AZ for their league. next step: playoffs!)

I LOVE October. It's SOOO chilly outside. I LOVE HALLOWEEN! So far we've watched Poltergeist and Dream House. Tonight: Hocus Pocus AND my mom's caramel popcorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And there are any more Halloween festivities to COME!


  1. the babe is soooooo cute. i want to meet him please oh please!!!

  2. Nikki, Fred is SOOO perfectly cute and handsome and precious! You look great too! I am so happy you guys are able to go out and do things with him and show him the world. It looked like a beautiful day at the temple. You make being parents look so fun hehe! :)

  3. Soooo adorable. You'r a family! Going on family outings! And the stripes. Laws, love me some big stripes on babies.

    And when we (someday!) come visit you guys will you take us to LUX? Looks delicious and awesome!

  4. What a sweet autumn experience you will never forget.