June 17, 2012

The father o my child

What can I say, C. Smith? You get up super early and go to work everyday. You have supported me 100% in my choices for giving birth and caring for Frederick. You are my equal in parenting and in our marriage. You help me clean when people come over. You encourage me to make and reach personal goals for myself, and furthermore you believe in me. You are so positive and always have a smile for me. You are a party animal. You are SUCH a good kisser. You dance with me. You compliment me. You are a genius and the best cook I know. Okay this is supposed to be just about Fathers day. You are an incredible one. I love you! Frederick loves you. I hope he turns out to be just like his dad.

1 comment:

  1. Belated happy father's day to Collin! Loved your pics from San Diego! Looks like an amazing trip. You guys just have too much fun! We miss you guys. Oh... and we LOVED your postcard to us! THANK YOU! So cute. I wish you were here or we could visit you there... I feel like we need to catch up. I'll write an email soon...