June 2, 2012

Floor bed madness!!!

So so so excited about Fredericks floor bed. Ever since I saw this bedroom ive been obsessed with the idea. The website, bedstart.com, is dedicated to all different types of floor beds and it even goes further to have the art, photos, mirrors and other things in the room all baby safe and down at his level. So genius!!! That is our plan. We'll get it done slowly but surely and it's going to be cute!!! Frederick loves it so far!!! It's so comfortable for me to nurse him to sleep on and if I fall asleep, I don't have to worry about him falling off the bed!! He's already good at getting off. We have loved co sleeping and I've gotten all the sleep I need even though he eats 2ish times a night (I never remember because I barely wake up for a second and then go back to sleep and he doesn't fully wake) but he is getting bigger and I'm ready to have him start getting ready to sleep in his own room. But then I think...this would make it way harder to nurse at night. I would have to fully wake up and he would too so he would have to cry hard to wake me up in the next room. So does this mean I might have to wean at night???? I don't want to!!! I don't even want to think about any sort of weaning. Its too sad because then it means my son is growing up and I refuse to have him not be my tiny baby. Just some random thoughts. :) NOW PICTURES!! ps. the blankets are all pretty random, forgive me. :)

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