June 1, 2012

Time Magazine

Without elaborating on this TOO much (though I probably will anyway), I wanted to write down my thoughts on the whole Time Magazine cover with the Breastfeeding mother. I wanted to wait to do so till I read the article. Collin and I did a week ago. So when I saw the cover, my first thought was AWESOME!! a woman breastfeeding on a cover! Women breastfeeding their children into toddler age doesn't bother me a bit (nor should it; it's such a personal thing) plus I'm all for a little activism so  I'm cool with it being really in your face and out there. I feel like sometimes I need to be "in your face" about my breastfeeding because in my ward and everywhere I go day to day (even at baby time at the library) breast feeders are FEW and FAR between and I don't want to have to cover up or go in the next room or be shunned for feeding my child...like I was designed to do so. AND I KNEW right off the bat that the whole thing was for shock value and to sell magazines and that the subjects of photo shoots have very little say in which photos are chosen, so I forgave the model for her pose and position (not seeming more loving). (And it REALLY bothered me that people were taking jabs at HER as a person....that she was trying to further her career "on her back," etc. Come on...aren't the writers of this article AS WELL AS the writers of every article critical of this trying to further their careers???)

But then I saw the title..."Are you mom enough?" Gag me. AS IF a woman isn't a good mom if she doesn't parent one specific way..that's just ridiculous. I'm very much in support of all mothers no matter how they choose to give birth or parent because being a mom is hard work, and I'd like to think everyone is doing her best and is doing what's right for her and her child. We all need to support each other a LOT more. I plan to go to 1-2 years, and that's what is right for me, but who knows! I never knew I would even be passionate about all this until I experienced it, so never say never!! :) The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding to two years. Plus I get SO overwhelmingly sad when I think about the day I STOP breastfeeding. I just really love it and it's so much a part of me....so anyway...

So we read the article and actually the writer is pretty NEGATIVE on attachment parenting, Dr. Sears, breastfeeding for extended time, co-sleeping, women staying home instead of working, and religion. She used a lot of facts that are out of context. I do all of these and look how happy and healthy my kid is!! But the point is its not right for everyone, but its right for us and everyone needs to find what they want and get educated and do what works for them and NOT JUDGE EACH OTHER! :) :)

There was also this lame article by a dad that said attachment parenting doesn't involve the dads at all...that couldn't be farther from the truth!!! While I'm taking care of Frederick, Collin takes care of me! And he takes him when I need him to. He puts him to sleep sometimes, helps change diapers and makes him feel better when he's upset or hurt. He holds him, baby wears him, bathes him, and even puts him on my boob if I'm still asleep and Freddie need some food! haha! He is very much a part of parenting Frederick. But it's true that it's my responsibility primarily to care for him and do all these things. I obviously nurse him, and now that Collin is working again, it's Freddie and me all day. So what's wrong with that? I carried him for 9 months. I gave birth to him, which was the most incredible, beautiful experience of my life. Why wouldn't I continue this pattern? Its a blessing!

SO I elaborated, haha,

I don't like that they put a negative spin on it, and I really didn't like the article in general. But I'm glad that breastfeeding and attachment parenting are more out there. Any publicity is good publicity, right? But again, do what's right for you! As long as you aren't hurting your children or yourself, I support you!

oh and here are some more photos from the shoot. I love them.

and I'll add one of freddie and me

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