June 8, 2012

Fred eating grilled chicken

Fred has eaten every vegetable and fruit I've given him (raw or cooked). He is such a good eater. He feeds himself and hasn't turned down anything. Before he would let us feed him at all but now he will let me feed him from my fork (much cleaner and easier on me.) yesterday I made chicken and he was grabbing at it like a mad man. So I tore off little pieces and washed off all the Cajun seasoning I'd cooked it in. He loved it!!! Also! He is really starting to mimic us. He will pretend drink from a cup or water bottle. I think this breast to cup thing is going to go just fine. And yesterday while at a friends house he waved to them!!! We all made a big huge happy applauding deal about it which thrilled him and he continued to wave all night!! This having a kid thing sure has its rewards! Today right before I left, dot was biting a plastic bag of books/DVDs on the counter. I went up to her and said "hey stinker" and she jumped a mile and stepped in sneek's water/food (he's staying with us this weekend) that was on counter (kept away from Fred). It all went flying and I had to bribe Fred with cereal to keep him away while I cleaned!! Hahaha!
It was rough but we made it out of the house on time to take the bus to baby time at the library, yahoo!! Freddie fell asleep in his moby wrap. I love this thing!

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  1. he is so cute and so big! it's so cool when they learn to do "grown up things" like eating and drinking. i love the self-satisfied looks they get when they master a new skill. :)