June 6, 2012

Today was a great day. My mom, library, lots-o-books, watched Water for Elephants (really dumb/strange movie but fun(ny) to watch with my mom), dancing and singing around the house with Freddie to the Sound of Music soundtrack, made and ate delicious spaghetti, watched the Bachelorette with Smith, and now baking a cake together. It's so fun to give Freddie new things to eat (not cake!!!!!) He is such a good eater and loves to feed himself, but is now letting me feed him too. He eats fruits and veggies raw or cooked and anything I give him. He is really good at using his 6 teeth to chew things up. What a cutie. He sure is a happy little guy (getting so big though!) I love our little family. We have some of the most sweet loyal kitties ever. They are such characters, hehe. And I love how Frederick lights up when he sees or hears Collin. He doesn't get too upset when he leaves but he sure is happy when he get home. He goes crazy and laughs like a maniac. Collin is my best friend whom I love doing everything with. I pick him over anyone. I've been having some real depression lately now that he's gone back to work. It's strange. It's not like, "aw I miss him, i'm lonely," it's like I lay there with this sick awful pain and I just try to make it through the day till he gets back. I live for 5:30pm. I'll be fine though. It's just been a couple of days of that and it's good to get it out on here. I just need to keep myself busy and find people to hang out with during the day. And man, I'm not ungrateful for my sweet angel, Frederick. He is a true blessing and miracle and I love him with all of my heart. Life is good to me. Photos!!!


  1. oh nikki, don't you just love watching all the funny things little fred does?! like standing on the dishwasher! love those babes.

  2. I have hard days too! Where I just can't wait for Isaac to get home. I totally get what you're saying. I have to fill my days too. Clark and I always have a plan or at least options of things to do to get out of the house. Sometimes we stay home all day but its nice to have options. If I lived near you Clark and Freddie would be bff.

  3. I'm impressed you would blog about that. I think being lonely through the day is something all SAHMs experience but rarely ever want to tell anyone about it. It's quite normal and everyone finds their own way to deal. It's one of the reasons why I have a strict M-F schedule that includes working out. Getting to the Y every day gives my day and the kids' day structure. It also gives me time to talk to other people. I love having a group of ladies that expect seeing me in class each day and I enjoy chit chatting with the nursery workers for about 20 minutes after I get out of class. Then it's home for lunches and naps for the kiddos while I pick up and get dinner stuff situated. By the time the kids are up from their naps it's about 2 more hours of play until daddy finally gets home. Sarah knows that when I start singing, "I'm so glad when daddy comes home" that she needs to be moving her butt to the garage door to great him with a great big kiss.

    Being off routine this week while we really focus on potty training is probably what's making it so hard on me. Poor Sarah the other day looked at me and said, "mommy is it time to go to the gym?" Ha! She knows the routine.