August 21, 2012

getting North

Part 1 of Utah Photos:

This past week we drove up North to Utah for a wedding and to visit cousins and my brother. It was a beautiful drive and a really great time. Those are the things I have photos of. I don't have any of Frederick being totally miserable being in his car seat for hours on end. Poor guy. Let's just remember the good times.

Fred was reading to himself. hehe.

Stopped for a break in Penguitch


Our first apartment

Hi sleepy head

Cousins meet for the first time. 2 year old Jonah.

best buds already

Uncle AJ time

new shades

Fred went down this GIANT yellow slide on my lap.
IT WAS CRAZY FAST!! Freaky and fun.

to be continued....


  1. I swear by the peapod tents! I tell all my friends about them. Don't you love it?! Such a fun trip!

    1. Yes!!! They are awesome! It's my cousins and I'm going to buy one now!

  2. that looks so fun! (and i love sandra boynton books...they're so cute.)

    are you guys doing early potty training or elimination communication by chance?

    1. I'm not but I want to!!! Have you tried it???? My midwife told me a little about it before I had Fred (elimination communication)

  3. there's something about two-piece pajamas that just make babies look like little kids! so adorable.