August 9, 2012

Date night//first time sitter//great night

Tonight we got a babysitter for the first time ever and Collin and I went on a yoga class date. The class was AHmazing. I really recommend Urban Yoga. The poses were just the right amount of challenging and the last 20 mins was deep stretching and staying in the stretch for a while. My back feels soooooo good right now. We got ice cream and then took the train home. Collin really enjoyed the class too. We had so much fun together.

Fred was asleep when we got home!! (a pleasant surprise as I thought he would have been hard to get down without me!!) we said goodbye to the awesome sitter and then I took the best shower ever! My Nexus shampoo smells so good and I was in heaven taking a shower that I didn't have to rush out of.

I FEEL LIKE 3 million bucks!!!!!!

Cue cute pictures of Fred.....


  1. how awesome!! and what a great idea for a date. I've wanted to try a yoga class for months but I'm too chicken. I'm sure there would be lots of people at different levels but i always imagine all these yoga goddesses and me looking like a fool because even forward fold is hard for me (even with my knees reeeeeeally bent). next time I see a yoga groupon though, I'll snatch it up and try it out!

  2. YAY! I love your date idea - and I agree, the Nexus shampoo is aaaaamazing. Love you Nicki!

  3. Awesome!!!!!!!! Marc and I did a home date night of yoga. We loved it. Unbelievable that Fred is babysittable! He's growing up! What a joy!