August 22, 2012

Park City and Temple Wedding

Pt 2:

So my mom and Frederick and I drove up to Utah. We picked up my brother, AJ, in Provo and then headed to Park City, where we stated will cousins, Ete and Sarah. Remember these guys????? So many good times with them. We hadn't seen them since before we moved from DC (they used to live close to us and we got together often.) Sweet reunion. And have you been to Park City??? It's gorgeous, peaceful, fun, and you can be outdoors without melting like a popsicle. Frederick loved being around his 2nd cousin, Jonah. And my cousin and I were like.....we have kids!!!???!!! Crazy.

We spent time doing yoga, caching up, eating delicious Park City cuisine, shopping, relaxing, and going to an awesome rec center with a Freddie's pool paradise. It was shallow enough for him, there was a mini lazy river, stairs to climb, a splash pad, and that huge yellow slide from the last post. Collin and my dad flew in right before the weekend.

Then wedding time! My best friend, Jayna's little brother, Jaycob, whom I've known and loved since he was 4 years old and front-toothless, got married in the Salt Lake City temple. The whole thing was beautiful. They had a ton of family so Collin and I didn't get to go in for the ceremony, but we had a beautiful time walking around the temple grounds. There were over 100 weddings that day...good people watching. It was so cool to see Jaycob and his new wife, Alexis, come out of the temple as newly weds. I've never seen Jaycob smile that big, EVER! It was the best. Freddie looked so cute. It was also so great to see all of Jayna's extended family whom I haven't seen in years.




back to Park City for lunch at Red Rock and mani/pedi

yummmm. Katie Nelson introduced me to this salad years ago, and I'll never forget her for it. truly delicious. of the most gorgeous and fun wedding receptions I've been to...TB continued....


  1. Freddie is sooo cute in that hat! Very debonair! And that is one beautiful bride. And you look so happy and fantastic! And what is that salad??? Looks divine! Please share!

    1. the salad is greens with a sweet dressing, pears and BAKED GOAT CHEESE!!! OH MAN so good!

  2. Freddie and his HAT!!!! AHHH he is so cute!!! So - I love you. And I love you in green. That is absolutely your color. Beautiful girl :)