August 12, 2012


Fred and my mom and I visited the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art on Friday. I love that intimate space. The three of us enjoyed the thought-provoking exhibits. One of them asked what an alien would have to see to experience what Earth life is really like. There were many answers from different people. It was so cool to think of my own..things and experiences dear and beautiful to me..but also to read others' answers, and recall and relive memories I had with those experiences too-- things only a human being on his earth could understand. I think it was saying we all have so much more in common than we realize. I am grateful for this beautiful planet and for the diversity as well as similarities on it.

My list of 10:
1. Giving birth
2. Snuggling with a kitty & hugging a really big dog
3. Driving in the snow when it's super quiet
4. Being in love with the same person for a very long time
5. Riding on a train alone to a city you've never been to before
6. Sunrises when it's super bright but not too hot
7. Looking at a piece of art and having it mean something
8. A road trip with your family-when you fight and when you get along
9. Having fresh flowers in your kitchen
10. Watching a movie in a theater

just a few...

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  1. Such an incredible list of goodies and memories and experiences! Sooooo good, Nikki! It totally made me think and relish moments. Love it.

    And enjoy all this out and about time with Freddie -it's so awesome that you take advantage of small baby #1 and being able to be so mobile and get out with him. YES! Embrace this stage and this one-ness!