August 23, 2012

The reception

Let me tell you, this reception was one of the classiest I've ever been to. Set up gorgeously. Simple but elegant. Fun little unique things. All the traditions but done so well. Delicious food and desserts. The most BEAUTIFUL wedding cake. A live band. A really fun dance party. A photo booth. It was a great time. I loved spending it with Collin (we tore it up on the dance floor as usual...-tore it up? I'm so old and lame-), Freddie, my parents (who acted like a couple of love birds, my brother AJ, Jayna Hedges and all the rest of the Brugman clan. Man. I love that family. I love the bride and her family too. It was seriously such a fun night.





the next morning...i got to take home a center piece and I was obsessed with it.

...and yes...those are kayaks behind be continued...........


  1. yuo are not kidding about that cake. i LOVE it. love.

  2. Where was the reception? It looks like a gorgeous venue.

  3. Great pictures of a great time! So glad you were able to come- the Brugmans are the best!!

  4. I've never seen this before. Fun pictures. Fun Wedding Reception and the wedding in Salt Lake Temple was so beautiful. Grateful you do this Nikki.