August 7, 2012

Yoga class

Last night I meditated for an hour with a man who looks exactly like like John Locke from Lost. And he was a mix between John Locke, Yoda, and Buddha. We meditated in 15 min increments (completely still) and then walked very slowly, trying to be aware of every movement in our feet. I had never done anything like it. It was awesome. It was intense. It was so hard! Have you ever practiced meditating, for real? It was a good experience. After that I picked up some Pita Jungle for CS and I. After the crazy days we'd both had, it was a nice end to eat hummus together.


  1. that sounds so awesome! i've been trying some meditation podcasts i found...i find meditation to be difficult but even when i feel like i wasn't able to clear my mind, when it's over i realize how deeply relaxed i feel. one of my goals this year is to meditate more (and do yoga, which i'm also terrible at because i'm can't-touch-my-toes inflexible.) but nothing makes me feel quite like yoga does.

  2. YEEESSS!!! I am beginning a new journey with meditation and it's really difficult to do. It takes incredible focus, which I thought I was oooookay at. :( Not really. I love that you are doing yoga and meditation!

  3. I imagine meditation is so hard. I have a really difficult time clearing my mind. I love when I have peaceful moments, though. I should try meditation. I'm glad you have something that will help you find balance! :)