January 10, 2013

Everybody's happy in California

Getting back after the Holidays. We spent Christmas in Monterey, CA, with my husband's sister, her husband, and Collin's mother and father. The house was cozy, the jam sessions relaxing and the games competitive. We did so much and these were my favorites:

-went to a wonderful service at church in Kendra's ward
-celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas and attended a beautiful Catholic mass.
-visited the Monterey Aquarium (this was Fred's favorite!!!!!)
-went on a drive up the coast and saw multi-million dollar homes and unleaded gas for $5.99/gallon!
-went to the pier and walked through romantic gardens and saw boats and water
-had hot dogs and s'mores (with crackers instead of Graham's) on the beautiful beach
-saw the movie, Les Mis, and loved it and haven't talked talking about it and crying and being inspired by it (a whole other blog post coming)
-got away for a romantic breakfast with Collin and Fred and eavesdropped on all the hilarious conversations and happened upon the cutest and coolest thrift shop
-visited the oldest functioning church in California
I understand why their area was voted most romantic.

Frederick loved everything we did out doors. He did so well with flying. He's just a really happy guy.




course, fred was running around happier than a little mad hatter, and fell and skidded his gorgeous little face across the pavement resulting in scab-face for Christmas. still a cutie. My cuties:

Words cannot express this amazing movie...or this awesome cat piano...

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  1. What a beautiful holiday! Looks like CA loved you as much as you loved it!