January 24, 2013

sommmmebody turned ONE!

Charlie girl turned ONE YEAR OLD! I love that these two are EXACTLY 4 months apart, that they love to play and that I love Charlie's mom, Emily, SOOOOO much. She has been a wonderful friend to me, ever inspiring and encouraging. Well, you and Micah have done an amazing job on your sweet darling little doll, so far. Keep it up, dudes. We love you all so much. Bruno, too. 

Bored to tears while the GROWN UPS set up the party...

Emily's going to kill me, but I LOVE this picture of them.
They are so cute. 




trust falls, etc.

serious about the bubbles

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  1. So much fun! I love the sprinkle cake. Your family is so beautiful - always having fun, introducing Fred to the best people and fun situations. Love you!