January 4, 2013


Baby time at the library:
It's in a hour and I have to leave in 15 minutes to make it to the bus to get there.
It's at a horrible time: 9:30am when there's always a morning nap happening, sometimes just me.
But Freddie loves it and needs to get out and have interaction with other kids. It's fun to go on outings with him!
But it's so soon and I'm so tired and cramping and not feeling well..got my period, bummer.
We will finishing nursing and do zumba and go to the park later.

It's decided.


  1. I face those dilemmas all the time... whether or not to go to a fun kid activity that is at a specific (usually inconvenient) time.

    But I've learned this year that such a dilemma is a pure luxury. We should soak up the blessing that we have a choice, that are babes are flexible and usually good with "whatever," and that our time is fluid and unstructured with decisions and opportunities and the unknown before us! I realized that once Madeleine is in school that it will be ~20 years of STRUCTURED, choice-less (or significantly less choice) time. Once all my kids are out of school, then I will have that lazy blessing of choosing to take a nap, or wake up at 8:10 am or go or not go to library story time or go or not go to the zoo or lunch with a friend, or playgroup, or do nothing but stare at my babies while they play. I love this choice that we have as mothers of very young children! The world is truly ours... each day and hour, ours to discover, ours to plan, ours to structure and unstructure.

    Love you!

    1. Natalie, thank you for reminding me of this. It's so true: life is a true blessing every day with Freddie. I love your optimism!!!! Man....life is going to be crazy when it's so structured. I'm not always so great with that. So I'll enjoy nursing Freddie for an hour (still!!) and then dancing to blue grass together and walking to play at the park at 4pm.