January 30, 2013

About to sleep and I hear the awful shrieks of animals fighting outside. I go out to the main room; my kitties are alert, terrified. I go the balcony window and search: on my mind is how much I'm disliking these homeless, wondering creatures, how they worry my cats, come onto our porch, tear up the trash. Then I flick the porch light: on; off; on. One, smaller black kitty, jumps away scared; he'd been hiding out from the scuffle. He looks back at me; our eyes meet for a second before he runs away. Then all I can do is feel so sad and guilty for being mad at this creation of God's who has never known love, and pray he makes it somewhere safely.

There are so many animals today without a home, food or water. Get your pets neutered or spayed, please. It is affordable at the Humane Society (Arizona) & (DC) and there are even free options.

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