January 23, 2013

Frederick goes to the Dentist!!

Fredrick had his first trip to the dentist this month. I'd been told to take him when he got his first teeth and since he had 13 (and now 15!!!) I figured it was about time. The office, Phoenix Pediatric Dental, was so cute; the staff so friendly!! Frederick was so good. They put super little ones in their own room in case they scream bloody murder but Fred didn't need it. He didn't even shed a tear! The technician and dentist were both so sweet and gentle with him and let me hold him while they checked his teeth. After just a few minutes he felt super comfortable being his happy silly self. The verdict: his teeth look amazing and very healthy! We are going to continue to brush every day! Something else I loved about the place: the dentist was a huge advocate for breastfeeding! When told that Fred was still nursing he said that is great and to continue it for as long as we desire. There are natural sugars present in breast milk, but they aren't potentially harmful to teeth until combined with other foods (which didn't start till 6 months) and then if he nurses to sleep I can just take a little wet cloth and wipe off the upper front teeth. Got it, D!! See you in 6 months!

Oh yeah! And if you go there, tell them I referred you and ill get a free movie pass!! ;)



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  1. Are you kidding with this dentist!!! This place is awesome! I want to go there!!! I can't believe treasure towers are EVERYWHERE!!! We went to the dentist here yesterday and they had one too! I love it!!!