January 25, 2013

this that this

Playing at the park...throwing all the leaves away...why do we have just 3 months of cold weather and it's more like fall than winter? Phx is cra...


Poor cone head. Monte's always getting hurt.

Found our PS2 mini and guitar hero games!!!!!!!!!!! After missing them for 2 years!!!!!! I'm getting my expert on.

WAFFLES with the Dyers. AJ got me a waffle maker for Christmas (an AWESOME one) and I'm now obssessed with waffles. Does anyone have a really good recipe?

Fun with colors and water and pouring and dumping the water all over the floor.



Cute little angry bird out for a stroll

Intense SPOT IT with Juglers

these days, he climb on EVERYTHING!!!! He's a giant.

Double ice cream cones at Young Womens




  1. I LOVE banana nut waffles. find a recipe for them because DANG. sooooo good (if you like bananas and walnuts that is).

  2. Dying laughing at Freddie's playground dance! hahaha! What a silly little man. :)