January 8, 2013

Bluegrass and teeth

Fred and I have been listening to bluegrass music for two days. We love it so much.
Oh! And guess who is having his first ever dentist trip today???!!! He just grew his 13th tooth while we were in Monterey for Christmas (his first canine!) I love these milestones.
Wish us both luck!!!!


  1. I love bluegrass. I really, really hope one of my kids learns the fiddle. Seriously would put me in a good mood and I think it would be such a fun talent and something to share for my kids!

  2. Bluegrass is great! I have this very distinct memory when I was living on the east coast. We went skiing in mountains of West Virginia. I didn't have much money at the time so I decided to hang around while everyone else went out to ski. It just so happened that there was a Radio Telescope in the vicinity and they had a 50 mile dead zone of radio and cell phone signals. The only radio stations I managed to pick up were a few very local bluegrass stations. So there I was, driving through the mountains of west virginia listening to bluegrass while it snowed. Very fond memory :)