February 18, 2013

Puking all night

The only thing worse than waking up and puking is your son puking every day for 4 days and then your husband joining him and puking every 2 hours all night. Poor poor Collin. :( To the doctors tomorrow we go. Fred picked a great night to sleep through the night: when we are up sick!!!

Downton Abby...I don't even know what to say.

Taught YW today and had a great time discussing the purpose of life. True to the faith: Mortal Life:
"You are now experiencing mortal life. Your spirit is united with your body, giving you opportunities to grow and develop in ways that were not possible in your premortal life. This part of your existence is a time of learning in which you can prove yourself, choose to come unto Christ, and prepare to be worthy of eternal life. It is also a time when you can help others find the truth and gain a testimony of the plan of salvation."


  1. UGH! so sorry to hear that all your boys are sick. blech blech blech. here's to a quick return to health!

  2. So, so so sorry! Hugs to you all - well, arms-length, hand sanitized hugs, but nonetheless, wishing you all better healthy - quickly!

    I'm with you on DA. Gah.

    And I bet those YW LOVE you!!! You're an incredible inspiration and have the perfect example of vitality and appreciation for life.

  3. OH NO!!!!! So sorry to hear that you guys are sick!!! That is terrible!! We just went through the same thing...it was the WORST!!! Hope that you all get better soon!!!