February 5, 2013

What a morning.

So I joined a gym! And today I took a Zumba class which means Fred had his first day in the kids club. He cried hard. It was hard on me. They said he would settle down but every time a parent would open the door to drop off their child, he would start crying again. It was hard but after a lot of reading, advice from experienced moms, child care attendees and breastfeeding groups, talks with Collin and PRAYERS, I do believe that he will be okay and that it won't be a damaging traumatic experience in the long run. It's not the same thing as leaving him alone in the dark to "cry it out." There were sweet women who were holding him and comforting him. This will be good practice for going into nursery next month at church.


  1. Cody cried when he first started going to the Y. They get over it quick. There are toys and other kids to play with. He'll love it pretty quickly.

  2. This is so good, and completely normal!!!! All the kids cried for the first few times to the gym nursery - they get over it. He needs to be able to feel comfortable with others (otherwise nursery at church will be a nightmare!) But, more importantly...YOU NEED THIS! You need YOU TIME! Time to work on yourself. Time to regain your sense of self away from your sweet baby! It is going to be good for both you and Freddie! I am so proud of you! And excited to hear how it all goes - for you both!!!