February 10, 2013

Shots of Fred

This little man had a check up and a shot on Friday. He's now (at almost 17 months) 32 inches tall and 23.2 lbs!!! What a grown up little toddler. He tries and succeeds at copying everything we say and do. He loves mimicking animal sounds, small words, scolding the cats, and playing loudly with toys. He says, "wow," "hi," "mommy," "dada," "dottie," "kitty," "doggie," "ahma" (grandma?? I think!), "no!" "no way," "com'on!" "uh oh!" and waves, claps, kisses us on command! His somewhat slimy open-mouthed kisses on my cheek are the best thing ever. He LOVES being outside and running more than anything in the world! Currently I follow him all around our apartment complex and we always end up in the parking lot so that he can back up and sit on a curb. He loves it. It's just his perfect height. It's pretty obvious he loves to dance! He has serious rhythm!! Here is one of his favorite moves: 

He's really starting to love drawing, painting...creative things with his hands. I want to set up some art stuff on our porch so he can go at it. Ill post pictures from our recent trip to the children's museum soon! He spent the most time in the art studio, water coloring and painting a giant rocket ship! He loves books, and brings them to me to read, but after a few, he gets impatient and leaves.

I love these photos of him:

super silly fake smile face....ha....

love my babe.


  1. Oh, that kills me! What a cutie.

  2. Nooooooo! He looks too, too grown up! I love the description of backing up to the curb. He's so boy-not-baby anymore in these pics and it kills me that I have yet to meet Mr. Frederick! Someday, buddy!