November 27, 2013

Five years old

It had rained all day. Here in Phoenix, it's sunny. And if it rains, it's just a little. But this had been all day.
The streets were wet and gorgeous and blurry. We were bundled up, holding hands, nothing/no one between. 
We left our world behind with his uncle and ran off into the night. First to walk through Christmas trees, lights, antique glitter, tricycles, repurposed hutches and gorgeous couches, and collect vintage ornaments. 

Then through the rain to an Itailian house, so dark and romantic. The food was the most incredible I've had in a long time. Everything is my new favorite, warm, creative, complex, and familiar. I crave it now. We had been promised a 45 minute wait, but perhaps November or love or pregnancy or God himself interfeered and we were given a table not 12 minutes later. We sat across from each other at that tiny table and asked questions and talked about the future five years. 

Without further exact plans, but the night still being young, we went out in search for the perfect dessert to share. While driving around downtown, getting lost in the blurriness and no chance of parking spots, we happened upon a particularly dark and interesting alley where Collin discovered a secret performance going on. There was a warehouse, modern dance, and a woman staring out a gate at us; it was where we needed to be that night! 

We witnessed a beautiful interesting creepy few scenes, heard some lovely music, talked with some wonderful old friends and met new, everyone ever asking and congratulating about my obvious upcoming life change. We relaxed in a comfortable lounge and despite being among eyeballs, skins, mannequins and instruments, held hands and found the trash together. 

One more adventure: we were recommended the best ice cream ever, so set off once again in the late rain, found our place (and free parking!) and had the most delicious combinations while listening about Europa, Jupiter's moon, and Montessori ideals. It had been an interesting wonderful adventure, spent with my best friend and favorite person in the universe. "Five years paying bills; five years without any frills!" We had joked that morning, budgeting and paying rent etc. But there's no one i'd rather do any of this with, CS. There's no one I find more interesting, handsome, intelligent and strong. We have a very blessed life with our babies and kitties and little space. Happy November 22nd. 


  1. happy anniversary you crazy kids!

  2. You two are adorable. I cannot imagine what poetic, romantic, adventurous, delicious celebrations you will have 10 years from now! Congrats you guys!