November 18, 2013

Wrapped in red


Broby loves baby too!


Rique and Fred.

Super hot stuff. Our fifth anniversary is this Friday!!

I love this picture like crazy. Cheeeeeeese!!!!! He said.

Loves pushing suitcases at target. Has to have two.

Checking out bikes

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!! Never before have we set up our tree this early and we didn't intend to but between target and dollar tree there were lots of good deals and we just couldn't help it!!! We will wait till after thanksgiving to do the rest...Collin says...

What a weird and fun night it was. Collin had come home early from work due to technical difficulties w internet so we did tons of grocery and Christmas shopping including costco where we got pizza and hot dogs and though I always love the pizza, it made me super sick this time. We got home and put Fred to bed, set up Christmas, I soaked in the bath (with Epsom so well w keeping down swelling!!!) then we/Collin made a delicious dinner of squash soup, salad, bread and salmon! We finally sat down to eat at 12 mid night!!!!!! I just love being wild and crazy with this guy! (Hey, pretty wild and crazy for having a two year old and being 37.5 weeks pregnant!!!)

We each got to pick out a new ornament this year...mine above; Collins below.

The next morning I was pretty wrecked. Collin and Fred made breakfast. Delish.

Cranberries for the tree. 
Little boy wouldn't go to bed later so he laid by the tree. No must say, it's pretty magical.

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  1. shhh---i think you should surprise colin by putting up the decorations one day while he's at work. surprise!