November 4, 2013


Thursday I'm 36 weeks and I've been feeling all the normal cramping, practice surges, total exhaustion that comes with this point in pregnancy.
I feel good. I had an appointment today and it was very positive. 
I've been having little headaches; I need to drink more water. I've been having crazy vivid nightmarish dreams every night; I need to write down 5 positive affirmations for each of the dreams. 

In my last two dreams, the babe was a girl. Either way, he/she moves like crazy, non-stop!!

The big one too:::Nichelle described him perfectly today: a brilliant energizer bunny!! I love him. So so much. 

In every prayer he says "thank you for the fair," about 5 times and today he added, "thank you for the bus." He is really freaking sweet with my belly. He rubs gently in a circle while he's nursing. 
Today when we heard the heartbeat, Fred lit up!!! He definitely knows what's going on. He knows there is a baby in my belly and that it's going to come out and be in our family. Now, I doubt he can comprehend having a sibling, but then again, I can't comprehend having another child. Today we watched births of kitties, a cow, and 2 humans. Fred thought they were very interesting. 

^^this is so awful, but when I get tired in the afternoons, I sit Fred down in front of the tv/computer to watch something and I sleep. I feel quite guilty about it.

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  1. do NOT feel guilty about it at all. even if you weren't pregnant, sometimes we just need breaks and TV gives us those breaks. you are doing the best for him and you: it's a good thing. i promise. also, i cannot believe you're already 36 weeks!