November 15, 2013

Young Women In Excellence 2013

The girls decided to make the theme Yw in excellence, through the years. The Yw program was established in 1870 and each girl picked a decade from then to now to represent. Many dressed up, decorated their desplays etc with their decade.

Here are the value project displays. I was so touched with the spirit as I looked at each display. These are talented daughters of God.

Here's my project...doing current smoky history. I interviewed my dad about his childhood and made a book out of it; Collin and I made little pamphlets with photos and favorite scriptures for each of our families; and I love journaling--Freddie's baby journal is very thoroughly filled out with letters and pictures documenting his first year of life. And we have already started filing out a gorgeous baby journal given to us by dear Anne Costa for babe 2. My decade was 1930s--the Great Depression era. While Collin and I were in St George a few months ago we actually saw an exhibit of depression era photographer, Dorothea Lange, who documented people and families during such desperate times.

There was a delicious potluck Italian dinner and a wonderful program if speakers including a young woman who  graduated and received her Yw award this past year and has newly been called to the YW Spanish branch presidency!!!! She's amazing!! There were a few great musical numbers and the bishop gave a wonderful few words on his respect for women and the Yw program. 

Picture time!!

Yes I kneeled on the ground and yes, it took two people to get me back up!! (Just kidding, just one!!) what a wonderful spiritual night it was. I am so grateful for this program in my life... When I was a youth and now. I am currently on track to finish my personal progress (again as an adult!---and not the leader version--the full version) by the end of the year. It has changed my life.

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  1. I can't think of anyone better for YW than you! :)