November 4, 2013

OCTOBER! Halloween!

October is over! November is here: the month of thanksgiving, our 5th anniversary, just days and weeks before our jumping Bean joins the family on the outside!! GIVING BIRTH SOON!
I'll now be posting a giant post about October, Halloween etc. This spooky month was pretty good to us.

We have been meeting up with friends for lots and lots of playdates lately. Freddie is really loving playing with other kids and becomes so independent! He loves going to the park and we go almost daily. We love being outside right now.

We had friends, Kat and her son Enrique, over for dinner. Freddie and Enrique (called "Rique" by Fred) get along soooooooo well. They both have these GIANT dimples and just play and play and its so awesome.

They were just a set of blurs all night: box heads, super heroes, kitties, and more.

Met Greta and Anika, at the park. Anika has a new baby sister and gives Freddie lots of tips.

This is us at the temple a few Saturdays ago. It's so great to have a car and be like....let's go to the temple RIGHT NOW because we can! We usually switch off going in and staying with Fred around the visitor's center. It's important to us that he gets to the temple as often as possible as well and knows how much we love it and the peace it brings. More here.

Hanging with his buddy, Derek

Congrats, Daddy on your new job!!!!

The author, kent redeker, did a reading of his book at the children's museum! It was so good and fun.

Delivering goodies to neighbors

Jump start!

Here's when we went to Anne's spooky dinner party!!!!!!!! We were sexy kitties. Collin was my tom cat and knocked me up. Ha.

Anne goes ALL OUT
                                                                             ^^^Those are a cricket appetizer^^^
CHICKEN pot pies

And bloody eyeballs for dessert!!

Eddie and Annie, the lovely couple:

Pete and May costa

Meanwhile, Fred had his first "sleepover" at Rique's!! We picked him up at 1am after the party.

Hehe Frederick, out, and Rique still going!

Kitties loving the open window weather

Next day, Fred was still worn out. This boy sleeps anywhere.

Ready for a friend's costume birthday party!!

Happy birthday, Francie :) the cake was so good.

IMG 1339 from Nikki smith on Vimeo.

And that night....another babysitter and we got dead for an adult Halloween party....

...Hosted by the lovely Lidia and Beetlejuice

The Sweckers! They loooooove Halloween like we do. You should see the number of boxes their H decorations come in.

My fav costumes of the night...American Gothic. He had a pitchfork and jacket, too.


And the winner of the scariest costume goes to.....

IMG 1373 from Nikki smith on Vimeo.

Family Sunday dinner...Joe, Quincey, Collin

Mom and Dad

And plate eater.

Fred loves the drums. He was very excited about playing rock band.

Carving pumpkins!!!!

^^^collin's, mine & Fred's, Joe's^^^

IMG 1413 from Nikki smith on Vimeo.

Feeding ducks. Scottsdale ducks are NUTS!!

IMG 1428 from Nikki smith on Vimeo.

Collin's first day at his new job. They gave him this awesome welcome basket of social media cookies, hehe! They were almondy and delicious.

And on his first day, they sent him to Oakland. Luckily it was just a few days but it was the first time he traveled while Freddie was really aware. They had a good long talk. While CS was gone, Fred would say, "I want to see daddy-o," and I would say, "yes, remember he's in California!! We wil see him on Wednesday/tomorrow/today." He would always except that answer and move on. Sleeping at nights were hard though.

Saying goodbye at the airport

We are not actively potty training at all. We feel it will happen when it happens. But Fred is very aware of himself and his body. He constantly asks to go potty and we say okay! And sit him down on the toilet or his potty. He never goes, but it's cool that he's showing signs of interest.

IMG 1453 from Nikki smith on Vimeo.

Buddies on the way to Uncle Joe-Joe's football pep rally.

Fred was in the middle of that crowd

Next day at the park, we had a little doughnut fun. Ever since the Fred loves to say at random times, "I ate a donut!!!!!" ("I eated a do-dut!") haha so funny. One of his proudest moments!!

IMG 1507 from Nikki smith on Vimeo.


Daddy got home and we made mummy dogs!!!! (And watched a ton of Halloween movies!!)

Halloween Day dressing up. Super-monkey-gangster-Jedi?


Visiting daddy. It's so nice that he's only 10 minutes away now!!

Visiting Grandpa at work.
Man of mystery!

Okay super sad....
That afternoon we came home to THIS:

pumpkins smashed!! Whom ever did it also stole some crafts that Fred made, ripped pieces of a sign down and tore down our spiderwebs and gravestones. Fred was pretty sad about the pumpkins. He said, "ooooh! Punkins!!" :( and I was pretty bummed too. Collin made signs that said unacceptable and vandalism is a crime and hung them up at the mailboxes. Bummer! oh well!

On a happy note, we all had a fun time trick-or-treating!!! We went to a neighborhood just north of us and there were tons of families walking around and everyone was really nice. Fred got a ton of candy, of course, and everyone thought he was really cute. He never got the courage to actually say "trick or treat" but he did say thank you to every single person.

My sweet little Dracula

He loved checking out the decorations at every house!!

Mama Martian, baby Dracula, skeleton man daddy

Deviously deadly

Fred was out by the time we got home, and CS and I watched Monster House and ate Fred's candy and cheese and crackers. Great night. Great Halloween. Great October. Now moving on to the next holiday!!!!!


  1. you guys are all so cute. remind me why you live so far away? and fred as dracula...i can barely recognize him. next year i'm going to ask you guys what we should be, because really, you have such a gift! ha.

  2. I love, love, love how much you adore this holiday! I love how you go all out and have several costumes and that Freddie fits right in and just loves Halloween as much as you two! That's awesome! Looks like you had tons of fun and partied! Hugs! And congrats on being 36 weeks! So excited for you to meet your new little one!!!! Keep us posted! And congrats to Collin on his new job!!!