April 14, 2016

A happy Easter and egg hunt!

We started the Eater weekend on Saturday with a fun egg hunt (our first!) for the kids. It was also dada's birthday. The sun was bright and the little blossoms were popping out on all the trees.  A perfect happy day to celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

We filled the eggs and baskets with little dollar store cars and trinkets and crafts and puzzles. It's was so much fun. 

The next day was church on Sunday. Freddie and I sang in the choir and every meeting was filled with the spirit and hope through the Atonement. I love my little Easter dinos!

We all got to wear or new Easter clothes and that was super fun. 
We had a delicious ham dinner with Lulu and Pops and sang songs, talked about passed Easters and shared some of our thoughts on the Savior. We did a fun activity from the Children's Friend Magazine on the symbols and meaning of Easter. 

It was a great happy day. 

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