April 14, 2016

Lulu and Pops do SLC!!

Collin's mom and dad came to salt lake to stay with us for two weeks! It was so much fun having them here. They are party animals. It's was great to be together for so many special occasions too...their 40th wedding anniversary, Collins bday, Easter, general conference.... 
Freddie and Hattie loved getting to know them better. Lulu and pops are amazing grandparents. 
Lulu has been working on a blanket for babe 3 and Fred loved watching her and learning all about it. 
We had lots of park time and pops is a never ending and never say no pusher on the swings. 
singing "where is Thumpkin?" At breakfast 

Easter egg dying 
A really wonderful thing we were able to do was to learn more about family history. Ludona brought a bunch of family photos are told us so much of what she knows. We loved hearing stories and seeing the faces. This is Collin's mother's father's parents. On the right is Carrie Harriet Hermann. 
Collin's bday!!!!! 35!!! More at this post here...
Easter dinner after church. More at this post here...

Hattie loved singing with lulu. 
And endless reading. My kids love reading and being read to. 

We had lots of delicious food adventures. This was a great one on a rainy day after picking Collin up for work. It was an Iraqi place and was so delicious. 
He's very very good at holding sleeping babes in restaurants. 💗💗

Lulu made this super cute crocheted crown for Hattie. H loves it. 
Eating and meeting with friends and playing at City Creek mall. 
We visited the Pioneer Museum at the end of our street. 
Twins! ;)

Crystal Hot Springs in honeyville, UT. One of our favorite places!!
And we found a great diner called Peach City with great food and service and amazing ice cream. 

Party people 
General Conference!! We got to go to the Saturday afternoon session and it was awesome. Thank you, sweet Lu, for watching the kids for us. 

40th anni dinner!!!! Ow ow!!!!!!! Got a babysitter and time to party!

Ken found this crazy AWESOME Authentic English place called Five Alls. It had great reviews but we had no clue what to expect. Well we pull up and this little door is all we see. That plus the interesting in counter win a shoeless woman outside led to much interest and confusion...we didn't know what we were getting into...

But this place was so amazing!!!!!!! Felt like we were in the Middle Ages. And the food and service so good!!!! What a fun dinner. It's was like 6 courses and took us almost 3 hours to complete. So much fun. We talked about life and marriage and parenthood.  Great time. 

Back at home the next day... more #ldsconf!!!
Get baby girl!

We went to visit ludona's brother Rick and his family for the last session on Sunday. Conference was a beautiful, hopeful, inspiring experience. I loved hearing from our prophet. 

It was a fast fun two weeks and it was hard to see them go. We all agree it's too quiet around the house without them. Freddie's favorite parts were tackling and jumping on pops every morning and crocheting with lulu. Hattie loved having pops hold her and lulu sing and read with her. I loved watching them all and playing games (beating everyone at boggle and rummikub so badly) and seeing Collin with his parents. 
I love my in laws! I'm so lucky to have such a great relationship w them. 

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  1. Wow, Nikki I love the way you tell a story. I'm so grateful you love your in-laws. what a blessing.
    How do you do your blogs?
    love you