April 25, 2016

Wedding party

Want to get my kids to do anything? Tell them they can go to a party. Even better: a dance party. Even BETTER: a wedding dance party. They are party animals and wedding lovers just like Collin and I and Saturday night we went to the reception of Collin's coworker and good Frieda's daughter. So much fun getting dressed up and going. 
Love my cute honey bug lady killer. 
After making it through one of the longest receiving lines ever. Seriously an hour or so wait, and meeting the awesome family, we got our donuts and chilled. Fred and hat made instant friends with a nice kid and they ran all over the place playing. 


She always wants a do over pic. 🙏🏻👼

So this is the only picture I have of the dance party. We got down. Fred and Hat danced like mad too and Freddie even went in the middle of the giant circle of people dancing hehe. 

Great fun and cutie dot while we play games at home after. What is it with cats and boxes? They love em. 

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  1. I love all your recent posts, girl! Hope you and babe are well. Sending love!