April 9, 2016

Dearest Collin

Hello. I love you. You turned 35. Happy birthday!!! 

In the morning after some presents and eastery stuff together, we went on a bakery tour! We tried a few bakeries we had been meaning to and would all order different rings and try little bits of them. So fun and delicious. 

Eva's was my favorite-great food, service, crowd, atmosphere. The croque Monsieur wins for best food of the day for me. So good. 

This place was great too! I LOVED the red pepper (yes mom and dad) and goat cheese quiche. People were great and customer crowd was so nice. 

Last stop of the day. Traditional bakery w donuts and treats. I didn't order anything but had a small bite of hat and Fred's donuts and they were good. 

The shop was super cute and beautiful pastries...but the owner was there and was sooooooo no nice to us. Bummer. We won't ever go back!!! Oh well! All part of the tour de boulangeries de l'anniversarie de Collin!!!!! 
Seriously pretty☝🏻️☝🏻
These ones were quite happy. 

Picked up these super cute egg dishes at 30% off on our tour. 

Playground in the afternoon.  

We love you, our favorite 35 year old!!! Thank you for everything always. You're a good man. 

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