April 8, 2016

A conversation.

My life is a gift
My life has a plan
My life has a purpose 
In heaven it began
My choice was to come to this lovely home on earth
And seek for God's light to direct me from birth. 
I will follow God's plan for me 
Holding fast to his words and his light
I will work
I will pray
I will always walk in His ways
And I will be happy on earth
And in my home above.  

What does it mean to follow God's plan though? Trust him. Give up my will to his? No, allow my will to become His. I believe these words and even know they are true but it takes faith to act on them. To really trust and not be scared or not ask why why why? Or not get down when I should be up. I thought of some blessings do I'll write them down. 

The dark blue walls around me
The soothing warm water
My kids, both happy and healthy and good and smart and kind and creative and imaginative. 
They played in the dirt and got haircuts and lollipops and fell asleep on the way home. 
My best friend who truly cares. 
The red flowers that look like tulips but I'm not sure they are, popping up everywhere. The white and purple and blue and yellow and green flowers. 
We are starting our garden and growing peas, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, basil and a bunch of other herbs. 
Our home. 
A new baby journal to document every little thought and feeling with my new one. I've enjoyed making baby books for Hattie and Freddie and am excited to get to do it again. I print real photos and collage and write and write. 
My kitty cat. 
We got to watch a dog today and it was a total joy. 
The cherry blossoms. 
Being outside. 
Walking with or without shoes. 
The fact that it's possible that I can pray. 
I can have faith. 
I am not alone. 
Friends. Kids for my kids to play with. 
This little one so close to my heart. 
I must trust. And I do. 
The possibilities are endless. 
Because forever is real. It's longer than now. More permanent than now. More reliable than now. 

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