January 26, 2017

Disney WORLD

DISNEYWORLD!!!!!! We spent 2 days there. Because it was Christmas time and there were blackout dates for Magic Kingdom (Collin's Aunt Sarah works for Disney and gets us in). So we decided to go to some of the other parks! I had never been before and was super excited!

Ella pretty much nursed and slept in the Sakura Bloom the entire 2 days.


Overcame a HUGE fear and went down a GIANT twisty enclosed slide!

Playing at the Dino yard

Then.....Nemo the Musical. IT WAS FREAKING MAGICAL. It was one of our top things we did at Disney. I was like, "a show? meh." I'm not a big watch-shows-at-amusement-parks type of gal. BUT THIS WAS PURE LOVE AND BEAUTY AND TRUTH. We loved it. The kids loved it. It was Broadway quality for sure. We laughed; we cried; we sang; we bought the soundtrack!! 
(Ella asleep again in this photo. haha! The whole weekend was a blur for that girl.)

Collin and I only rode one adults only ride the whole 2 days at Disney...EVEREST.
It was so much fun. I was NOT expecting it to be that thrilling. Ah the best. Thanks for taking the 3 crying at the end of the day kids for us so we could do this!

DAY 2: Epcot

Fred's FAV ride was the OUTER SPACE ride in the giant epcot dome! We rode it first and then he and I went back and rode it again at night. He also LOVED SOARIN'! He was tall enough to go and went twice on that too! It was QUITE thrilling and beautiful!!

Hattie's sweet dreams came true.

We loved Norway in Epcot. It was completely transformed into Arendale and felt so magical, just like at Disneyland. We had some delicious meatballs and pastries there, too...a little foreshadowing to our trip to Sweden next month!!!! WOOO.

Fred and Mickey, BFF since 2012.

Minnie LOVED the girls. Ella crawled right up to her and Minnie picked her up!

Until next time, Disney!!!!

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