January 9, 2017

New Years Goals for the Smiths

This year I hope to reach these goals:
1. Make a real friend.
2. Exercise; take care of my body
3. Make our house a home.
4. Prayer on my knees morning and night

1. say my prayers every morning and night
2. Start kindergarten next fall

Learn how to walk and grow some teeth

Start primary and be in my own class.

More quality family time
A garden

1 comment:

  1. I like your goals. I wrote them on small pieces of orange index paper so everyone's matches when we read them next Christmas. I already forget what I wrote for me so I'm using some of yours.
    1. Show more gratitude
    2. take time to hang out with friends
    3. Walk with Dad every day and eat healthy together
    3. keep my house clean
    4. Pray on my knees morning and night (I'm not doing that like I used to.
    I love you Nikki. You are such a example for your Mom.