January 25, 2017

52 stories Nikki week 4

What would you want your friends and family to learn about making and achieving goals from your example?

I love to journal. It is a part of me. It's not hard at all. I was raised by a mother who was a record keeper, list maker, letter writer, and documenter. I've always kept journals. I have hundreds of notes from friends in high school, notebooks written back and forth from Jayna, and letters, postcards and cards I've received throughout my adult life.  My senior year of high school, my friend, Sarah Pace, gave me a red notebook with lined white paper in it for Valentine's Day. She told me to write everything down in it. (I'll have to find it for the exact quote on the inscription.) From that day forward, I kept "books," as I called them. I wrote down my thoughts, funny things people said to me, observations, poems and stories, drawings, kept clippings from magazines, and more inside. I would go through them like crazy. I've lost count lately but I have at least 200. I remember counting to about 120 just before I was married. I have them all in boxes. Collin has to deal with them each time we move! (sorry!! -not sorry- hehehe)
Now, they have evolved and even slowed down as I've had children and have had less time, and fewer hands to write with. But with smartphones came easy blogging, instagram, and chatbooks. So I'm still ever observing, documenting, journaling. I still bring whichever notebook I'm working on to church every week and I still take notes and write down impressions I have. What will this all amount to? 
What does this have to do with goal making and keeping? 
Did I even answer the question? 

The world may never know. 

(oh yeah---moral of the story....I write things down and it helps me remember things better. and I feel accountable because it's in writing. I can look back on different things I've learned and changes I've made and goals I'm still working towards.)

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  1. I'm...I'm...aghast. 200?! That's insane! But so impressive!