January 17, 2017

52 questions week 2

#52 questions
Week 2

What is something you taught yourself to do without help from anyone else?

I have taught myself to love learning. This isn't something that came to me growing up. I didn't discover it until about age 26/27 as I was finally getting my Associates degree. I enjoyed travel and adventure and learning about new things and people, but I didn't know that I actually loved doing work and getting good grades until it felt too late. It still feels too late, even though I know, of course, it's not. 

Learning to love learning has helped me so much in motherhood. I feel like I was able to educated myself on childbirth and things that mattered to me. I educated myself on breastfeeding and raising kids. I like to look to research and science for answers to problems that arise as well as studying the Gospel and scriptures when searching for peace.

I also taught myself to use a PoGo stick, and am quite good at it. 

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