January 13, 2017

photos lately!

It has been FREEZING and white. Actually it was insanely cold before Christmas and after we got back from Florida, but it has eased up just a bit in the last day. It's still cold but doesn't literally HURT to be outside.

Hattie turned 3!!!!! We had a BEAUTIFUL super fun festive party celebrating this sassy, smart, sweet, little dare devil.

My mama and me and the SLC Temple. IT WAS FREEZING. We went to see the temple lights and the kids had all fallen asleep so Collin stayed in the car with them and we went out just the two of us. It was SO much fun. We ran around and laughed and cuddled together to get warm. I think I look like her twin in this photo.

Disneyworld's Animal Kingdom and Epcot!! So fun!!! A big post to come!

Time with all the Smiths. The first time all the siblings have been together in 6 years! It was a great time.

My beautiful daughter, Harriet

Lulu and her 2 youngest granddaughters, Ella and Clara

My darling love.

Christmas was absolutely beautiful (though

My mom and dad in love in Italy

Sweet darling angel pool honey. We went swimming nearly every day while in FL.

And to the beach lots, too!

Made Fred a shaving kit.

I miss this place.

snow snow snow angel

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