September 15, 2011

almost 40 weeks.

made it to the temple today. maybe the last time in a while...maybe not.

I'm tired. my face is sore. and for some reason I feel REALLY REALLY good. I got this new perspective driving today that reminded me of a bad car wreck collin and I got into after just one month of marriage (the one that totaled my car and has plagued us with carlessness ever since. wa wa.) But I was thinking...say we had died or would be tragic, but I guess it'd be okay in the long run. I mean, I believe in the afterlife and all. BUT then we'd have to wait till the resurrection (when we receive our bodies back in perfect condition for eternity) to have children! But we didn't die! And I get to have a child. And honestly...let's face it...I GET to experience Bells Palsy and learn from it. And we GET to experience swimming and cuddling and broken arms and eating and warm and cold and everything. We have BODIES. They are so wonderful. They are amazing miracles.

Every day is a gift, man. And I'm sure glad I get to spend mine with CS.



  1. Hang in there! You're almost there. I was 8 days late and I swear I thought I had given birth to a 3 month old when I saw him. He was so healthy and rooted immediately and breast feeding was easy, so I think its worth it even though by now you are dying to hold that baby and give your pelvis a break. Can't wait to see the pics of the little one in a few days! xo

  2. Agreed! Bodies are a blessing! You have a such a great attitude and faith! 40 weeks??? Oh la... I'm waiting for a text any moment now! Hip hip hoorah little babe/babee!

  3. You are inspired, and so positive, and such a cute preggo chica!!!! You look beautiful, and I'm sorry your face is sore and you're so tired. I'm grateful that Collin has hands and arms so he can massage your feet :) xoxo Love you!

  4. Sandy Nesbit MoneyFriday, September 16, 2011

    I'm so glad we could go to the Temple together. This is just the life I wanted to have. My children close by so we could do just what we did yesterday! Can't wait for many more excursions.
    love you,

  5. You are an inspiration to me! That babe will come when he/she is good and ready (I learned that with Saha being 9 days late) you are near the end and soon you will have that beautiful babe in your arms! I have you in my thoughts always and I am sending you as many happy labor thoughts as I can!