September 5, 2011


Some photos of Saturday. our first free Sat
in a while. nothing planned. just Saturdayness. 
Spent the morning doing THINGS and eating
omelets & playing with kitties & talking to tummy. 

Poor poor baby Collin's wounds: 

There are so many cute and awesome shops around our 
place. We went exploring. We didn't get to everything because
it's just TOO hot to a) get in and out of the car or b) walk
But we did discover some good stuff. 

Frances. a great place to explore for hours.

I, of course, found myself in a very tight spot reading about a cat named Ernie. 
This is seriously the funniest book ever. I want it so badly.

learned everything we need to know!

Then after heat exhaustion/large abdomen exhaustion, we found ourselves ordering a delicious sandwich and watermelon salad from Pane Bianco and then went to hang out/get drinks/enjoy the a/c in Lux coffee shop next door. the food: divine, amazing, delicious, simple, complex, fresh.

The company: funny, sweet, cute, generous, comfy. (foreground. I don't know that other guy, hehe.)

The drink: SO DELICIOUSLY perfectly what I wanted. Collin H Smith has a gift of knowing exactly what to order me and what I like. He knows my taste so WELL. It was a burning hot day, but for some reason I was craving a hot drink. Collin got me this iced chocolate steamer. it had caramel, too. mmmm. hit the spot.

The atmosphere: dreamlike. we were so tired and hot and just sat there on the couch, eating, sipping, staring, cooling off, hugging close, being comfortable. the a/c was so low. it was wonderful.

my busted up swollen feet.  he takes care of me. and I loved the couch we were sitting on. so comfy and so pretty. we stayed for hours.

later that night, we all relaxed and watched a few movies.
Monte is obsessed with sleeping/lounging on this box.

 Dottie chose between my leg and a pillow.

reading together.

And Collin painted my nails. so cute, he is.

So, a great day. a great Saturday. And Joseph's football team won 52-8!!!! 
Today was Sunday and it was great, too. And CS and I got asked to speak in sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like...I'll be there...unless I have my baby!


  1. that store is adorable. i want to go. also, you guys do such a good job with taking pictures of people that really capture them. when i see pictures of you guys, it just feels like, "duh. of course that's what they'd do." nicely done.

  2. I LOOOOOOVE lazy, wonderful, cuddly, free-flowing Saturdays! Perrrrfect! I echo Erin's sentiments as well about the store and your daily photography.

    Lastly, yay for giving talks! I gave birth to Madeleine on the Sunday Marc and I were supposed to speak in our ward in Philly. 1:20 am, 11 am Sacrament Meeting. It may be an omen!