April 17, 2012


So grateful for kind notes, people reaching out, friends, family, eternal family, plan of salvation, forgiveness, visiting teachers coming over tonight and talking to me for 1.5 hours, prayers, thoughts, love, snuggley baby who grew another tooth today, baby laughing with me for like 15 mins straight, husband who played wii with me for an hour, primary song: Child's Prayer, sincerity and humility, happy feelings!, faith, husband made artichokes, 6 week health challenge together, purring kitties, so many answers from the temple, and many other sweet things in this life.

We still know the same. My mom is home from surgery yesterday: tired and sore. Thank you to friends who are taking care of her when I can't be there. And for all the notes from family. We are waiting on tests. Doctor's appointment tomorrow. I'm sleepy; we stayed up too late last night with Joe playing Ugly Doll card game and watching Canadian House Renovation show.

Good night. Someday I'll catch up on my wannabe chores:

*****the photos of Freddie and my mon were taken pre-surgery.


  1. Love you, Nikki. You and your dear mother. You and your whole family. Hugs to little Freddie. High five to Collin. Prayers always and thinking of you more often than I write!

  2. I love: how much you love your mom, your seriously adorable baby, your chore chart(where did you get it?), yummy looking artichokes, and YOU. I am praying for your lovely mother and thinking healing thoughts for her. Love you all!