September 13, 2012

My baby lies next to me, nestled in between Collin and me, lightly breathing. Making that shoo, shoo, shoo sound, so quietly. Collin is completely out. He was exhausted as we read our book, Gone Girl, together. It switches back and forth from the point of view if the man and the woman. I read her and he reads his parts. The whole thing is very startling, so far.
But my baby is sleeping. He is about to become a one year old-next week! It's crazy! I don't dread it because so far every stage is fun and I can't wait for him to start talking etc, but it's still crazy. He'll always be my baby (yes, Mariah) but he will never again be a baby. And never again will we be new parents. One day we will be middle-aged with kidS and they won't know the young us.
I just want to cherish this time. I don't even care that I missed seeing one of my favorite bands tonight because we couldn't bring Fred (we bring him to shows all the time but this was a little different). It was still a good night.
I love my little family. I have big hopes for our future together.

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  1. I don't even have a sweet baby, but I love lying there listening to Adam breathe and feeling very peaceful. :) It's the little things!