September 19, 2012

birthday photos

now for lots and lots and lots of birthday photos.

We had a little birthday party for Frederick on Saturday the 15th. We really enjoyed planning and making this event happen. Collin and I love parties. We love people. This was the biggest party we'd planned thus far but, hey! your first kid only turns one once, right? The weather was perfect. The park was green and beautiful. The food was delicious: Pulled Pork from our favorite BBQ place, Circle H BBQ , a spicy watermelon salad, a grilled corn salad, a vegetable salad, various fruits, cinnamon oatmeal cookies, Peach Lemonade (yum!) and of course, the cakes: one chocolate blackout and one white, made by me. It all turned out SO well. We loved the decorations and had fun making them. There were birthday Madlibs, gift bags, homemade bookmarks, burlap pennants, garland, banners, and all things turquoise, yellow, white, and brown. There was an awesome kids table with coloring sheets printed from Made By Joel and other sweet art stuffs. Collin did all of the graphic design. He's so talented. The best part was seeing so many of our close friends and family (and we missed so many who couldn't be there!) It was a beautiful celebration- for us as much as anything! We made it to a year! And of course, there was my adorable happy Frederick. My best buddy. A one year old!

This photo was taken by Jayna Hedges of Jayna H Photography. Here are some more! We LOVE them and love Jayna. Thank you thank you!

Here are some shots I got:







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  1. It was so fun! And probably the prettiest party I've ever been to. You guys did a fantastic job!!! And Freddie, as the star, was adorable.